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Gunfighter Cast Needs Your Help

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Saturday February 1st will mark Gunfighter Cast’s five year anniversary.  It has been a challenge to produce podcasts lately with my retirement from active duty and recent move to Kansas.  My biggest challenge is that this labor of love costs more money than I can currently afford.  It was neverRead More

A Common Sense Gun Law That Will Work


By Daniel Shaw This may not matter to some people, but some of us are tax payers and our hard earned money is going to a healthcare system that insures that everyone gets coverage.  Well, at least that’s the idea (another post another day). In the past year there haveRead More

Vitals of Defense Clarified


What is Vitals of Defense, Defensive Handgun? Vitals of Defense is a two part video series hosted by Daniel Shaw and Paul Carlson, that takes a defensive subject and focuses on presenting the most important information about that subject in as easy to obtain and easy to follow format thatRead More

“Stop the bleeding, start the breathing!”


By Kerry Davis In the past, we’ve touched on a couple of hemorrhage-related issues like TQ application and wound packing. Today we’ll go over what we may expect to see, hear or feel or what our victim may feel if we have a case of hemorrhagic shock. There are severalRead More

The Top 1%


The picture to the left makes me proud while the video below makes me sick and very sad for our society. I had my first Black Friday experience this year where a large amount of people stood for many hours in the cold for great deals on guns and ammoRead More

Follow up from Episodes 89 and 90


Follow up from Episodes 89 and 90 By John McGregor Recently, I had the chance to talk to Scott Ballard for about 2 hours on the topic of the 1911.  Scott posted on the Gunfighter Cast Facebook page after the second episode had aired, asking me if the interview hadRead More

John’s Battle Belt

Johns bb

A follower of the Gunfighter Cast Facebook page was asking questions about what we have on our “Battle Belts”, so I figured I would take the opportunity to get off the stick and do some writing. First, I should explain that I was initially resistant to the concept of aRead More

More Moto than Usual


I was feeling a little moto for some reason -it doesn’t usually strike me- these words just went into my iPhone, I wanted to edit and not sound so cheesy, but I decided to just correct auto correct and let it ride. Enjoy! I’ve lived over half my life inRead More

The Battle Belt


The battle belt or BROKOS belt has become very popular recently. Because of this, John and I have started building our belts to how we like them based on our preferences and needs. This is an ongoing process for me because I am accustomed to having a much larger surfaceRead More

Daniel’s Almost Practical Christmas List


The following list is based on priority by balancing wants and needs, somethings I want more than the things I actually need, so they ended up a little higher on the list.  It’s a Christmas list after all. I seriously need a holster for my Sig P226 EDTB w/ X300.Read More

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